Not A Person

from WAR EP by ttypes



This song was inspired by a saying of Jupiter Jones'. Whenever someone is personifying the government, remind them that it's not a person, it's a thing.


The government is not a person it's a thing and man you own that thing.
Of the people by and for it was created for the greater good of ev'rything.

And no it's not a perfect thing, but man you own that thing.
it's not a monster fanged, but a tool for gain.

The problem that needs fixin' is the lies the politicians all get paid to say
to serve the needs of donors of the paper they all chase when they should legislate.

oh but it's not too late to run and save the day
but we must find a way to end this money game

oh yeah the power to the people
wait the power is the people
yeah it always was the people
so we'll pop their bubble

with our million needles we can bring em to their knees'll bleed and oh won't that just be a shame
cause they need us to be sheep for sheerin when it comes the time of year capital gains

oh and the villain cranes his neck and bends his ear
and then he calls the dogs, police baton: the sound of fear.

The law is an agreement made for those of us that need it cause we ain't all saints.
But the moral doesn't matter when it's cash that trumps and scatters all the rules in place

and the rich buy up the schools and jails, while the poor get blamed
for getting flunked and failed out of this rigged shell game

oh yeah so power to the people
wait the power is the people
yeah it always was the people
so lets stand and march on evil
cause they cannot stop the people
as we raise our strong or feeble
bloodied hands at last
you psychopathic kings of wrath
knash your teeth to dust when you at last
see love is something priceless glass
more than any other billions trash
you've pilled under million mattresses
of plunder
oh all you have is blood as cash
yeah all you have is blood as cash
so throw it up like lightning as
you realize to be free at last is
just to love your fellow man
is just to love your fellow man
oh can you love your fellow man
oh can you love yourself at all
on your mountain
of isolated agony
could you step down and free at last
yourself and brothers
those you would call others
yeah they are your brothers


from WAR EP, released July 25, 2017
Vocals by Tim Krauss
Piano/Keyboard by Tim Krauss
All other instruments by Chris Kennedy.
Recorded by Jupiter Jones, Chris Kennedy, and Tim Krauss
Engineered by Jupiter Jones, Richard Lam, and Tim Krauss
Mixed by Richard Lam
Mastered by Matthew Murman


all rights reserved



ttypes Grand Rapids, Michigan

ttypes is a midwest composer and anyone he's collaborating with. ttypes is native to Grand Rapids, Michigan. ttypes is multi-genre and is inspired by personal experience, myth, morality, science, fiction, non-fiction, and dreams.

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